Our direction, Vision and Mission.

Our Direction, Vision and Mission.

Our Shirts are finely detailed and made with excellence, assembled from the purest and most exclusive fabrics. We believe in only delivering the best and make no compromise in terms of quality, fabric, and stitching or even buttons.

All our shirt fabrics are made from scratch to guarantee the high performance that characterizes our shirts. Most of our shirts are made with purest forms of Cotton.

Cotton is a durable fiber with incredible natural performance. It is soft to wear against your body and has excellent breathability. From an environmental perspective cotton is more complex since it requires a lot of water. We treat cotton as a precious fiber and include it in our carefully produced and long lasting garments. We constantly encourage our customers to care for their shirts in the best possible way to increase the life length of their shirts.

We constantly renew ourselves. Working close with our suppliers enables us to innovate fine shirting and create unique shirts and accessories.

We create diverse and versatile shirts for any occasion in life. From business and formal events to your day off – there’s always a Levinas shirt to look good in.

For us, high quality equals sustainability. We aim to produce long-lasting garments and to minimize negative environmental and social impact while doing so. We believe that the first step to a more sustainable clothing industry is to promote durable and timeless products.

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