Business - Casual Button-Up Shirt // White // Contemporary Fit (Regular)

$69.00 $180.00

Quality shirts and modern styles are key when it comes to refined essentials.

Our shirts are a great choice for any occasion, whether you need a business looking, clean look for a formal meeting or a more relaxed casual style for a night out.

Made with a distinct texture and perfectly balanced luster level. 

Details matter, which is why we have added contrast details inside the cuffs, collar and the placket. 

Wear this shirt with a suit or a pair of jeans and let the top button open to display the trimming of the collar and you will get a smart, yet sophisticated office look.

- Soft Cotton for a timeless look. 

- Most updated contemporary design

- Superior quality 

- Soft-washed 

- Imported

Contemporary Fit (Regular)


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